Obala kneza Trpimira 9a, 23000 Zadar, Croatia

Price list

Consultations and examination
First examination with a detailed therapy plan
150 kn/19.91 EUR
X-ray of one tooth
70 kn/9.29 EUR
Dental implants
4500 kn/597.25 EUR to 5500 kn/729.97 EUR
Titanium abutment
1350 kn/179.17 EUR
Metal–ceramic crown
1200 kn/159.27 EUR
Full ceramic crown/veneer
2000 kn/265.46 EUR
Full ceramic inlay/onlay/overlay
1800 kn/238.90 EUR
Teeth whitening (with a splint, per jaw)
600 kn/79.63 EUR
Composite fillings (one-side, two-side, multiple-side)
from 200 kn/26.54 EUR to 350 kn/46.45 EUR
250 kn/33.18 EUR
Complicated extraction
350 kn/46.45 EUR
Calculus removal per visit
from 200 kn/26.54 EUR to 300 kn/39.82 EUR
200 kn/26.54 EUR

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