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Examination and diagnostics

In order to gather enough information before the therapy, we start each visit with a conversation about your detailed dental and medical history and we record the gathered information in your medical history form. We will listen to you if you have a specific problem or if there is something that worries you. We will also perform a dental examination.

To get the “image” information at the beginning, during and at the end of a procedure, we often use dental imaging. With the help of high-quality images we agree with the patient what should be done and the phases of prosthetic works, reaching the best result for the patient.

With patients with periodontitis, in order to monitor the course and assess the results of the therapy, we will make a periodontal status.

In dental prosthetics, while making crowns, veneers and planning implant works, we use models we made on the basis of taken imprints.

The diagnostic-digital Gendex RVG device makes detailed images of smaller areas, and thanks to the advanced sensor and digital technology we get excellent-quality images with minimal doses of radiation.

A digital dental x-ray image is a panoramic image of all teeth and the upper and lower jaw, while the CBCT is a special kind of CT image (computerized tomography) which creates a 3D image of the structure of the upper and lower jaw, which is particularly helpful when fitting the implant. CBCT uses doses of radiation several times lower than the classic MSCT.

To make the best digital dental images we will address you to the Radiology Centre “Apex dental“ located near our office.

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